Donkey Society of Western Australia Inc


Calendar of Events 2021



January: 17th

General Meeting
START: 10am

VENUE: Helen's Place, Martin

CONTACT: Helen 9398 5525

February 14th

Day event or week-end camping
Contact Mereana re food to take etc
VENUE: Mereana's Place, Quindanning

CONTACT: Mereana 0437 719 881 (no landline)

March 14th

This event will be held at Rachel's sisters place
START: 10 am start.
VENUE: Uttley Road, Serpentine

CONTACT: Rachel 0438 974 203



April - Easter Saturday

Quindanning Picnic Race Day -
with Donkey events
Camping Friday, Saturday and Sunday if required
VENUE: Quindanning

CONTACT: Mereana on 0437 719 881

May 1st

Agricultural Show
Note: Donkeys to arrive before 10am to set up.
Animals, activities, horses in action, food etc at Serpentine Horse and Pony Club
START: 10am
VENUE: Karnup Road, Serpentine, WA, 6125

CONTACT: Mary-Anne 0427 804 505 or Helen 9398 5525

June 13th

Evening Peal Court Darling Downs Bridle trails
START: 10 am start.

CONTACT: Mary-Anne 0427 804 505



July 18th

START: 10 am start.
VENUE: Details to follow

CONTACT: Mary-Anne 0427 804 505

August 15th

Obstacle and training day
VENUE: Cara Keogh's place

CONTACT: Mary-Anne 0427 804 505